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Get Rain and Sun Systems is located just outside Las Vegas, New Mexico.

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The rain catchment began as more of a necessity more than it was ever thought of being a business. 

Our water table for our personal wells began rapidly falling in the area due to excessive pumping of the local aquifer.  About 5 years ago we decided not to attempt to drill another well, due to the results of my neighbors failed attempt (to a depth of over 700 feet).  We decided that rain catchment would be our only long term solution.

When the well 1st failed to provide water, panic sets in, we lowered our pump and became ultra conservative, to no avail.  The well finally went totally dry.

Luckily we had planned for this day to happen, years of research and classes, and lots of parts (just waiting to be installed), we were ready to do this.  We had tanks in place catching our rain water and all were totally full!  With a little time.

We moved from our DEAD WELL to rain catchment.  We have been on rain water for quite a while and do now swear "We'd never go back!"

Now, you know how we got started with rain catchment and after being approached several times over time, we decided to start the business... 

But what do we offer?  We offer exactly what I was looking for 4 years ago...  I was not looking for someone to look at my house and tell me, "Probably around $32,000 to $38,000 for a system to be installed.  I wanted someone to tell me how to do it or help me to do it too.  I wanted something I could grow, I wanted something AFFORDABLE!

Get Rain and Sun Systems offers everything from a consulting service, to assist a do-it-yourselfer in getting a system up and running.  Providing parts, resources, testing kits, and more..  (the know how, from the school of hard knocks).  To a full "turn key" system tailored to you and what meets your budget.  We can work with local contractors acting as a project manager to get your system installed.

NOTE: The customer/homeowner is responsible for all system maintenance.  Without regular maintenance of changing filters, cleaning gutters, cleaning 1st flush diverters, the system can become contaminated.